Tinkering with V3 ISE – an add-on for splatters

Update: I did a re-work of the script, and added some screenshots, here.

Tinkering with the new V3 ISE some more.

This is a rough “proof of concept” for an add-on that writes a hash table snippet for splatting parameters to a cmdlet.

The add-on prompts for a cmdlet name you want to splat parameters for, and a variable name to assign to the hash table to use for splatting.

It verifies the cmdlet name entered is a valid command with “Cmdlet” capability, and then uses the OutputMode features of Out-Gridview to present you with a list of the parameter sets for the cmdlet, using Single output mode so that you can select one paramtertset to use.

Then it presents you with the parmeters for that parmeterset using Out-Gridview using the Multiple output mode so that you can select the paremeters you want to splat.

After your selections are made, a snippet is written to the script pane at the current cursor location to create a hash table of parameters you want to splat, and the cmdlet with that hash table splatted.

function Make-ParamHash {
$cmdlet = read-host "Enter cmdlet for parameter hash"
if ((get-command $cmdlet).capability -match "Cmdlet"){
    $varname = read-host "Enter variable name for hash"
        if ($varname.trim('$') -match '\w+'){    

$param_hash = @("`$$varname = `@`{")
(get-command $cmdlet).parametersets |
 ogv -OutputMode Single -Title "Select Propert Set" |
    %{$_.parameters | ogv -OutputMode Multiple -Title "Select Properties for hash"} |
        %{$param_hash += "`t$($_.name) = "}
    $param_hash += "`t`}"
    $param_hash += "`n $cmdlet `@$varname"
    $param_hash = $param_hash -join "`n"
    $ise_current_file = $psise.CurrentFile

$psISE.CurrentPowerShellTab.AddOnsMenu.Submenus.Add("Param Hash",{Make-ParamHash},"Ctrl+Shift+M")

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